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Birding Trail

India is a treasure trove of birds for an avid photographer. A variety of winged beauties are indigenous to India. There are also birds who migrate to India in the winters in search of more temperate climate. Harmeet Singh uses his lens to capture some winged beauties with elan.

Yellow Wattled Lapwing

yellow wattled lapwing.JPG

Bee Eaters

bee eater.JPG

Black Kite

black kite.JPG

Black winged Stilt

black winged stilt.JPG

Coppersmith Barbet

coppersmith barbet.JPG

Indian Roller

indian roller.JPG



River Lapwing

River lapwing.JPG

Ruddy Shellduck

ruddy shellduck.JPG

Ancient Lore

striated heron.JPG

Roseringed Parrot

Rose Ringed parrot.JPG
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Asian Bird of paradise.JPG

Harmeet Singh, a doctor by qualification and a taxman by profession, is a watercolour artist, an avid bird photographer and a passionate lover of succulents, which he grows and nurtures with dedication.

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