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Tejinder Sethi

Tejinder Sethi: Text
Tea Set

tea leaves
in the kettle settle down
little by little
last night's argument
gets more bitter as it brews

in her will
she leaves me a trunk
filled with kanjeevarams
I drape her scent
for the rest of my life

Camp Fire

embers in the hearth
thaw the silence between us
one by one
we pick up
our frozen conversations

a lit kangri
warms the corners
of a house boat —
in the valley bullets rain
freezing the blood of young men

Image by Rachel Cook

the sun rises
above the horizon . . .
my guru teaches me
to look
and look beyond

Tejinder Sethi: Food Articles
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A nutritionist by profession, Teji Sethi transitioned from micronutrients to micro poetry. Charmed by the brevity and beauty of Japanese aesthetics, she started writing and researching Haikai (Japanese) literature. Teji’s bilingual poems in free verse and haikai verse have found home in numerous rnational and international journals and anthologies of repute. She has authored and edited five books of poetry. She is one of the poets featured in the coveted Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English 2020-21. She is the founder and curator of a bilingual journal of haiku, tanka and micro poems - Triya. Teji currently resides in Bangalore and freelances in creative writing.

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