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Strokes of Delicate Beauty

R.K Mishra strokes his colours with utmost delicacy across his canvas, creating watercolours of sensitive beauty.

Artist Speak: Childhood and adolescence years in the forest infested remote parts of Odisha germinated the fascination for nature and its reproduction through the mediums that one can manage at such remote locations, says the artist.I am a hobby painter and do not have any professional moorings. Unlike other mediums what I like about watercolour as a medium is  its absolute unpredictable nature. At times one may get a euphoric false sense of mastery over the medium .. only to be utterly disappointed a few works later when the medium shows you your place. But the pigments weave a magic in the water and to watch the interplay of pigments, water and paper despite your fumbling and chaotic brushstrokes is pure bliss. Now I paint just for the sheer experience of manipulating pigments on a wet surface and witness the drama. This is a reward in itself and any resulting output is merely coincidental. I have no qualms in admitting that the few hours I engross with this medium, I feel light years away from the angst and stress of mundane existence.Some friends ask what do you do with your paintings. I don’t know. What do you do with the ticket after you have enjoyed the roller coaster ride. Well..  I guess the answer is immaterial. I keep the paintings under the mattress…

Amsterdam evening.jpg

Amsterdam Evening

Back home before cloudburst.jpg

Back Home Before Cloudburst



First rays at Sun temple.jpg

First Rays At Sun Temple

Fishing Harbour Vizag.jpg

Fishing Harbour Vizag

Ponte Vecchio Florence.jpg

Ponte Vecchio Florence

Rishikesh 1.jpg


Roman Forum.jpg

Roman Forum

Vizag Seascape 1.jpg

Vizag Seascape 1

Vizag Seascape 2.jpg

Vizag Seascape 2

Vizag Seascape 3.jpg

Vizag Seascape 3

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