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Pamela A. Babusci

Pamela A Babusci: Text
Image by Jean-Daniel Calame

chrysanthemum moon 
i peel off another layer 
of sorrow 
that nobody 
will notice

not a single star 
out of place 
in the Milky Way 
the garden gate 
left ajar all night

Milky way.jpg
Flowers on a Tombstone

bringing a pot of coffee 
& cigarettes 
to my mother’s grave 
we have never spoken 
so honestly

losing herself 
within these stark white walls 
a shell of a woman

White Room
ring rain.jpg

giving back 
the ring 
taking back 
my heart 
april rain

Pamela A Babusci: Food Articles
Pamela A. Babusci.png

Pamela A. Babusci, is an internationally award-winning haiku/tanka & haiga artist. Pamela is the founder and editor of: moonbathing: a journal of women tanka, the first all-women’s international tanka journal. She has been awarded Museum of Haiku Literature Award, First Place Mount Fuji Tanka Contest (Japan), First Place HPNC Tanka Contest &  First Place Mainichi Haiku Award. Her cover art has graced the books of Full Moon Tide The Best of Tanka Splendor Awards, Taboo Haiku, Take Five: Best Contemporary TankaVol.1, The Delicate Dance of Wings, Chasing the Sun: Selected haiku from HNA 2007 and moonbathing.  She was also the logo artist for Haiku North America in NYC in 2003 and Haiku North America in Winston-Salem, NC in 2007.  Her haiga (haiku/tanka with painting) have been featured on Haiga-on-line, The Haiku Foundation, Simply Haiku, Frameless Sky and numerous haiku & tanka journals.  You can reach her at:

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