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Milan Rajkumar

Milan Raj Kumar: Text
Image by Luca Bravo

mountain stream 
along with the clear water
the moon flows . . . 
this endless journey 
with a poem bag and guilts

gulmohar saplings 
I plant them one by one 
around the farmhouse . . . 
she might come someday
seeking a cool place to rest

Image by Abhijit Pattnaik
Image by Patrick Schneider

spring evening
the hut glows all night 
in liquid silver . . .
fetching the moon from the well 
she sings of youthful days

silently folding 
a white origami crane 
this late noon . . . 
myopic eyes search
Hiroshima on the map

Image by Jason Leung
Image by Tuan Lifecolor

a dewdrop 
the divine proportion 
on the tip of a fern . . .
in her classical dance 
pose of a blooming lotus

Milan Raj Kumar: Food Articles

Milan Rajkumar is a secondary school Lecturer, who teaches economics while writing haikai poems. He lives in Imphal, Manipur, a corner of North-East India, bordering Myanmar, with his loving wife and two sons. Genetically a mongoloid  by look and food, he speaks a tibeto-burman language known as ‘Meiteilon’His poetry has been featured in various haikai journals like Modern Haiku, Seabeck Haiku Anthology, The Cicadas Cry, Under The Bashõ, Cattails, Prune Juice, Wales Haiku Journal, Presence, Frameless Sky, Creatrix, Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Asahi Haikuist Network, Cold Moon Journal etc.

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