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Arvinder Kaur

Arvinder Kaur: Text
Image by Tengyart

stars twinkle 
in my piece of the sky
how the fireflies 
light up
my quarantine

I would blow 
a field of dandelions 
only if
wishes could travel 
and bring mama back

Dandelion Fields
Rain 2.jpg

he misses 
his dead mother 
I miss mine
but deep into the night 
the rain sings us a lullaby

as if it knows 
of mother’s passing 
each day
a mourning dove returns 
to coo at my window

Image by Douglas Bagg
Gown 3.jpg

I bring back
a sequin gown
in midnight blue
a glimmer of the dreams
she never shared

Arvinder Kaur: Food Articles
Arvinder Kaur.jpg

Arvinder Kaur is an author, translator and a poet. She specialises in English literature and media studies and has a passion for writing short Japanese forms.She has five books of micro poetry to her credit. Her latest one 'fireflies in the rubble' has been published by Red River Delhi in March 2022. She lives in Chandigarh, India with her family.

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