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Aparna Pathak

Aparna Pathak: Text
Global warming.jpg

with paper banners
about global warming
kids grow
betwixt learning and unlearning

through the blinds
of an eerie house . . .
in the basket, a potato
with a growing eye

wind chimes 2.jfif

a sudden tinkle
in the wind chimes
I tell her
yet another time
all will be fine

the mouthwash 
this morning
the bamboo at the window
slightly taller


melting snow
down the peaks . . .
father peeps
into our study
with half shaved face

Aparna Pathak: Food Articles
Aparna Pathak.jpg

Aparna Pathak's work has been featuredin in Frogpond,  The Heron's Nest, The Eunoia Review,Neologism Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. Her work is also being published in 'Auditory Cortex' issue of  Cha : An Asian Literary Journal. She has been honoured with the 'Haiku Master of the Month,' NHK World Haiku Masters (April 2016 & November 2016). Aparna has earned First Place in Sonic Boom Senryu Contest (2018); First Place, 'The Maple Relation,' Where Tanka Prose Grows' Contest and Third Place, UHTS Samurai Haibun contest (2016). She has also been shortlisted in Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems (2016).

Aparna Pathak: List
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