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Alan Peat

Alan Peat: Text
Image by Krisjanis Mezulis

by the wheelhouse —
painters drawn
to a small cove’s

where sea meets land
they buried her
the girl who lay
with devils
behind a stook of corn

Image by Maksim Chernishev
Image by Gustav Gullstrand

in the woods —
just me 
and the stick
that would have been

recently i have seen her
how she was before —
she holds me close
her still-warm
oven-bottom bread

Image by Serghei Savchiuc

a dive


the last



kingfisher *

[Poet's Note: the above is a 6 line tanka. If the addition of a sixth line augments meaning then I add it. 6 line tanka are still viewed with some wariness, though 4 line haiku are often seen in major journals.]

Alan Peat: Food Articles
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Alan Peat F.R.S.A., F.H.A. is a UK based poet and author.  In 2021 he was placed third in the International Golden Triangle Haiku contest and second in the N.Z. International Haiku contest. In addition to poetry he writes books about art, ceramics, textiles and education.

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